Friday, September 10, 2010

"Lesson Learned"

Your Grandma G. whisked you away last evening to spend a few fall days with her and Papa And All The Animals. This email I received from her this morning:

Lesson 1- Do not present a new Fisher Price play set to a 2 AND A HALF year old in the late evening.
Lesson 2- Remove above mentioned play set from packaging unless prepared to shop for other sets shown on back of box.
Lesson 3- Do not think letting above mentioned 2 AND A HALF year old take set to bed will lead to sleep.

We made it home safe and sound after a delicious dinner at McDonalds. Lil' dude ate very well and was so polite, asking if I would like to share her food and never forgetting to say thanks. She also used the bathroom, big job at her own request. She fell asleep right before we hit the freeway and slept the rest of the way. I let her open the Little People camping set when we got home, loves it but had already slept too late and too long to be interested in a reasonable bedtime. She went happily at 10:10 PM with the pieces but was still playing at 11:10 PM, good thing the characters had sleeping bags so was then able to tuck all 3 girls in and had success in arriving at some sleep for all. She was so good but just wanted to play. I suppose the promise of tomorrow just doesn't mean anything to her yet. Today she plans to go shopping for a dog (featured on back of box) to take camping and Barbie could really use a friend her own size. She talked or sang the whole trip until she fell asleep.

This is not your first rodeo, little girl ... not your first rodeo!

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