Monday, September 27, 2010

Cold Storage

I spent the weekend visiting your Auntie M. in Ohio, and, as traveling (and tad-guilty) parents are prone to do, I picked you up a gift.

I talked to you on the phone a little and told you I had a present for you if you were good for Daddy all weekend. That excited you and you promised to be good.

So yesterday, as I neared home, Daddy kept telling you how close I was getting to you, and you told him how excited you were for your new present.

A big refrigerator for your closet.

A big refrigerator for your closet?
I'm not sure where that inspiration came from- or why you thought I'd be bringing you one.

I'm sorry I let you down and instead gifted you this awesome pink pig.

You seemed to like it as best you could.

Even though it won't keep anything cold.

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the laugh!