Thursday, September 2, 2010

Maybe Later

Your current catch-phrase is, maybe later, next time?

Obviously, instead of telling you 'no', I soften the blow with a 'maybe later', or 'next time'. This is usually a response to, can I watch Tinkerbell again? Can I have another juice box? Can the Beagle sleep in my bed? I thought I was making a good choice as a parent.

Last night before bed, you and Daddy wrestled over a large booger in your nose- you abhor his efforts to keep your nasal passages clean. The battle ended with you going to sleep with everything intact in your nose.

This morning, when you were woken up, you gingerly felt around your nose, and mentioned the incident.

Daddy asked if you were ready to get that boogie out, and you sleepily replied, maybe later.

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