Sunday, May 2, 2010


We go on certain kicks when it comes to entertainment at the lil' dude's house- last weekend it was all Little People transportation- the bus, construction vehicles, the pink SUV, and fire engine. My miniature traffic lady urged me to play, play, play. Push the bus- take the SUV to get tabs, then propane. Seriously, can you TELL she spends a lot of time with her Dad, running errands? What a sponge ...

We've had our stretches of playing house and babies and walking stuffed critters around on ribbon leashes. We build zoos out of blocks, and castles for the all the tiny dollies to live happily ever after in. We complete puzzles, race through the alphabet cards, and color until our hands cramp.

And then we have Up.

Pointing to Dug in her new book, a book she has slept with almost nightly.

Here she is hunting for snipes- looking under the kitchen cabinet for the mythical creature-bird from the tale.

And, Dug and his master the lil' dude, freshly exhausted after a long, fulfilling day of snipe-hunting.

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JM said...

Dug! My oldest guy loved that movie and likes to pretend he is Kevin (the bird), knocking his chin on top of our heads.