Monday, May 24, 2010


You squatted close to the dirt, your hair in your eyes, your toes covered with soil.
And I was too enamored to get my camera.
But, I promise you, the images of you helping plant the garden yesterday are forever ingrained into my soulful of memories.

I knew if I made the move to sprint for the camera, I'd lose the image anyhow.
Not lose-lose it, but you know.
It was definitely one of my most fun days of being a Mom yet.
How you asked to help, me pouring the contents of each seed packet into your tiny, sweaty palms for distribution, and as you filled each row appropriately, said, "that's enough", declaring it done.

You tried to eat a pea seed.
And called the summer squash bananas.
And spilled some carrots seeds into the cucumber row.

And you know what?
This year's harvest is going to be the best ever.
Simply because of how it came to be.
You're so big and so capable.
Yesterday took the sting out of you growing up on me.

Thanks for the help, bud.
I couldn't have done it without you.

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