Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coffee Cup Inspiration

Every so often, I sneak into Caribou Coffee for their milk chocolate mocha ... albeit coffee, it's just so different than my one true love, Starbucks. Yesterday was one of those days- and I was delighted with their new coffee cup- inspiration you can pour right down your throat and into your belly. Love it. So my darling child, here are some words for you, straight from Mama's cup of coffee joyfulness.

Get there on two wheels.
Tell someone you love them.
Hold hands, not grudges.
Take the stairs.
Kiss slowly, and forgive quickly.
Remember where you came from.
Do the hokey pokey.
Say 5 nice things about the person sitting across from you.
Sip it, sip it good.
Teach a child to fish.
Run your feet, not your mouth.
You are as wonderful as your dog thinks you are.
Take a 7 day weekend.
Go home early and play with your kids.
Max out your passport.
Technology is good, but people are better.
Stir emotions.
Question authority.
Roll down the hill.
Marry your sweetheart.
Re-read your favorite book.
Do more cannonballs.
Surprise your BFF with a cup of coffee.
Dream big.
Act bigger.
Build communities not empires.
Read poetry.
Send your grandma a card.
Give a kid some crayons.
Pick up the check.
Sleep under the stars.

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