Monday, February 22, 2010


My favorite part of parenthood is the surprises.

Reveling in the knowledge that my child, from whom I created, carried, and birthed, is capable of operating at her own volition. That she grows and learns and functions without me. That she still surprises me with this notion 26 months later.

Last night, we sat down in the rocker to read Charley Harper's ABC's ... a ritual now long-withstanding in the lil' dude's bedtime routine.

A is for ... APE
B is for ... BIRD
C is for ... CRAB

And so on. There are only a few of the letters and corresponding creatures she has a hard time remembering. I'll never tire of hearing her soft, lilting voice shout out each answer. She loves the Hen, Koala, and Jellyfish pages best.

After we closed the book on Z is for ... ZEBRA, the surprise happened.

ABCD ... EFG .. aycheyejaykayeleminoPEE ... COORESSTYOUUUUUUVEEE ... doubleEXwhy ... Z!

My baby girl chirped out her alphabet in perfect prose, bringing tears to my eyes and pride to my heart.
We hurried out to provide Daddy with an encore presentation; a performance he caught on tape, and a segment I post for all our faithful lil' dude readers;

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Anonymous said...

What?? Lil Dude your Auntie G is so proud of you too! You are one little smarty pants! Love you