Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Old Chair

There once was an old chair, a rocking chair.
Made by hand out of sturdy oak.
And gifted to two newlyweds by the bride's father.

And when those newlyweds were celebrating the birth of their first grandchild, the old chair found a new home.
In a corner of a tiny girl's room.
The centerpiece of her story, the legacy of one family.

And as the girl grew bigger, so did the chair's role in her story.
From once a safe haven to calm a sad baby, to now igniting her imagination.

So the girl can spend hours tucked behind her old chair, reading books, mothering dolls, whispering secrets.
It's where she seeks solace when sad, hurt, tired, restless.
It's where she smuggles her snacks, her wooden blocks, stuffed pals, and even her Daddy.

Behind that old wooden rocking chair.

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