Thursday, February 11, 2010

In the Bag

I'm known for my obsession with handbags.
My obsession with giant handbags.

Do you want to know what's in mine right this second?

Black Kate Spade Wallet
Keys to the truck
Cellphone (with the cracked screen, love you, kiddo!)
A Tinkerbell cellphone (which is not mine)
A Dora Pull-Up
Lipsmackers Dr. Pepper Chapstick
My temporary insurance ID card
4 smashed Goldfish
3 raisins
An Epi pen
My point-and-shoot camera
A ribbon from the lil' dude's Valentine gift
An inhaler
A yellow hanky
A pen
Two Valentines to mail
My Starbucks giftcard and knitted giftcard holder with the bird
$10.00 in Kohl's cash
Easter egg-printed Kleenex
A package of Nemo fruit snacks
Wrigley's peppermint gum
Aveda Hand Relief lotion
2 barrettes
And, 1 hair bow
Pressed powder
Spearmint Chapstick
Vial of Ibuprofen
North Face black gloves
Beauty Rush lipgloss in Tutti-Fruity
Coupons for Pull-Ups, Aveeno baby products, and Huggies wipes
Aveda lipshine in Amaranth
4 crumpled receipts
Nivea Kiss of Moisture lip balm
An empty packet of baby wipes
C.O. Bigelow Ginger Mentha Lip Shine
Recipes for monster cookies and mac 'n' triple cheese
Lil' dude's Aquaphor
Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer
A referral to the dermatologist
A business card for possible freelance opportunity
Aveda Lip Glaze in Pepino
Post-It note with reminder to call Vision World
A "materials due" receipt from the library
Plastic Minnie Mouse figurine

I'm embarrassed!
And, totally screwed if I ever lose my bag.

I'm curious. What's in YOUR bag?

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