Thursday, February 18, 2010


Your buddy JW. gave you a giant sticker book for your birthday. I think it boasts 300 stickers. Probably every parent's nightmare.
Definitely every little girl's dream.

You are so gentle with your stickers. If you experience difficulty in prying them off the page, you ask for help. If you accidentally rip one, your lip starts to tremble, and you apologize. You hate when that happens. You say, sticker, owwie.

With the exception of the Beagle, you've never broken any sticker rules by applying them to things you shouldn't. It's your puppy's fault if he doesn't try to fight you when you want to decorate him. He loves you too much.

You love to ask me to play wiff it as you hand me your sticker book full of your Pixar heroes. You like it when I ask you to find certain characters on each page, or play the matching or opposite games. You beam proudly when you ace your quiz.

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BethanyAdele said...

My daughter LOVES stickers too! What a fun time!