Friday, January 8, 2010

Potty Time, not Party Time

One of my friends used to say that to her small house dog when she'd take her outside right before bed.
It's potty time, not party time!

And it ain't no party here either!

I had illusions of the lil' dude being fully toilet trained by age 2.
At 18 months, we introduced the princess to her new pink throne and it went well. She went well. Then, well ... life got in the way. But, since she walks and talks and counts and colors and sings and helps we figured 2010 is IT for toilet training. She surprised me when I came home Monday with her ability to let me know she had to go, and going within 2 minutes of said pronouncement.

As a working mom, I long for the texts and pictures I get from the Daycare Lady during the days away from my daughter.

Who, bless her heart, sent this to me today;
The lil' dude doesn't want to wear a diaper today. If you want to bring some undies and more extra pants we can try no diaper.

Don't get too excited :) but I am taking full advantage. She's going commando right now. We'll see how it goes.

And, when I mentioned how sad I was to miss this;
You probably are going to be missing her peeing all over the floor so don't feel like you are missing anything super fun. :)
{Clearly why I love her}

And, later;
Still going great. No accidents!

And then the biggie {here I will apologize to my future teenaged daughter, SORRY}
We had a clutch the crotch moment right before naptime. Her eyes wide. She yelled DAYCARE LADY POOP! So we ran to the bathroom and she pooped in the toilet.

I'm so proud of her!
And mad at Disney ... why can't they put their Pixar characters on GIRL undies!?
I guarantee the lil' dude cares more about keeping Nemo or Lighting dry than some stupid princess!

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