Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I talked to you on the phone on my way home last night; it had been over a week since I had heard your voice. I didn't think I could bear to talk to you from Mexico- emotionally speaking. I missed your voice. It changed. Daddy handed you the phone and we talked for seven minutes. He said you took the phone, laid on the couch, and talked and talked. You told me you missed me, and that I should come home to lil' dude's house. I agreed. I drove and drove!

You were shrieking MOMMY even before I hit the door, I could hear you in there. You leaped into my arms from the stairs. I held you and hugged and cried a little. My eyes and cheeks were hot. Daddy made me dinner, I sat down to eat it. You sat on the table, right next to me, touching me, helping me eat. I didn't even make you get down onto a chair!

I called Daddy on New Year's Eve. You were playing with E.- I heard you two fought that night the way it seems you two do occasionally, just like little sisters. I brought you two matching souvenirs because ... I know you'll fight over it if it was only yours. I asked then, if you missed me. Daddy said in the mornings you would say, Mama shopping? and he'd reply, "Mama, vacation. Mama Mexico." Then, you'd wait to ask about me until the next morning.

I am glad- and I mean it- that you were so good and rolled with it all week. I am glad you slept that one morning until 11am when Daddy didn't feel good. I am glad you are you because you are so good at it!

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