Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It's not you, it's inherent.

Your father likes things in such a way. Not even a month ago, he asked me if I could go through the utensil drawer because it was too full and cluttered. A man in the utensil drawer!
He carefully places an old Kleenex, his chapstick (a certain brand, of course), and his cold glass of water on his night stand each night.
He insists his contact case be left on his bathroom counter, even after I stash it in his drawer once a week.
He changes the art around in his man cave according to sports season.
He's obsessive about deicing and snow-pack on the driveway.

And clearly, he's passed his mild OCD trait onto you.

I'm sorry, love. It's not you, I promise.
{There is even a picture of you from last night CLAPPING at your feat! Oh. Boy.}

1 comment:

Jessica aka Mommy said...

THIS is exactly our house. Like father, like daughter. I keep trying to stop it but I am failing. :)