Sunday, January 31, 2010


I'm sitting downstairs in the dark- hiding from you. I don't mean to, but NaNa is in the dryer and I'm trying to spare you a meltdown.
Your fan club has been after me to update them on my little chickadee.
It's been a long, trying week. You're still only at about 50%.
Your face is red, raw, and tired.
Your spunk comes in tiny spurts vs. the typical endless tide pool.
I've smeared more Vicks, Aquaphor, and Bag Balm on you than most old ladies wear in a month.

So, we're weathering the storm together as a family.
I hope you can feel the love ... so many people have asked about you this week- you are SO loved.

Boogers and all.

Feel better soon.

Mama loves.

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