Monday, January 26, 2009

So Winey

This picture quality is not the best. But it doesn't matter.
See the little red drops on the lil' dude's shirt?
Guess what they are?
Red Wine.
More exactly, Blackberry Merlot.

How did it get there?

The lil' dude loves to dip when she eats. Cucumbers in ranch. Turkey dogs in ketchup. Chicken in sweet & sour. Fruit in yogurt. She's all dip dip dip.
We were hanging out this weekend, having a good time with chips and salsa.
Please, the lil' dude started signing. I want to dip a chip!

So we let her. She loved the salsa. That's my girl!
But when the Dad lifted her onto his lap, she got all dip happy. Before we knew what had happened, she stuck her chip into the Dad's wine glass ... and gobbled it right up. Please, she signed again. More?

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