Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Letter from Mama, v13

Look at you, all 13-months old and whatnot!

The first year of your life was incredible. Just the other day, we met your new friend, JW. He is exactly one year and 19 days younger than you. To see him swaddled in Daddy's arms and you pointing at him says, "Baby? Baby!! Baby!" really confirmed how much changes in the first 12 months of life. To be so small and dependent and still to being ferocious and independent and a blur in just a year. Life is a trip, kid.

Last night you and I sat on the floor of your closet playing. You would hand me your babies to be wrapped up. You love when they are swaddled tight so you can feed them their bottles. Then, you grab a corner of the blanket and let them spin to the floor, picking them up to pat their backs. Baby, you murmur. We then tucked them all in their basket for nighttime. How did you learn to be such a caregiver? So compassionate? At night in the dark of your room, we lay rocking after we've finished our stories and turned out the light. I rub your back, and you rub mine. We're chest to chest and silent, just rocking and rubbing. I think you're like Daddy in that way. How much I love to be 'petted' by him when I am sad, or tired, or hurt. You're an old soul, lil' dude. An old soul.

This week, Daddy asked me, remember when we didn't have the lil' dude? and I said no ... because I don't really. You just a natural fit in our family, just what we needed. Our days are spent on the floor with you, rescuing you from towering heights you've stranded yourself upon, searching for your sippy cups, teaching you words, cheering you on. You've become what we do, who we are without us really even knowing it. You and I are already friends. Like last Saturday? how we just went to the mall, like girlfriends do. We spent three hours walking circles, people-watching, trying on clothes for fun, searching for bargains. You were so good and so content the whole time. As I tried on new bras at Victoria's Secret you kept repeating uh-oh ... uh-oh Mama, in the dressing room. Look at you, with your sense of humor? Aren't you funny? You made all the salesgirls laugh with you. Thanks for being so cool, lil' dude.

And you? are totally smart. Last weekend you did back-to-back 14 hour sleeps, so naptime was not happening Sunday afternoon. You cried and cried from your room. Broke my heart because now your cries have names, like Mama! Mama? MAMA! so I went and got you. I hogtied you in my arms as we rocked in the recliner in the dark, country music playing around us. I had my eyes closed so you would know what to do. Except, you instead tried to pry my eyelids open. Hey, you're not sleeping. Come out! You made me laugh. You always do. You're so clever.

Mama loves.

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