Friday, January 16, 2009

Not Everything

I have never poked your thigh with a diaper pin, lil' dude.
I have never caught your chin in your coat's zipper.
Never scalded you with too hot bath water.
Never let you sunburn.

I have never let you drink outdated milk.
I have never forgotten to pick you up from daycare.
Never left you in a too hot car.
Or in any car.

I have never made you bleed while clipping your nails.
Never fed you anything that gave you a rash.
Never let the dog bite at you.
I have never let soap get into your eyes.

I have never forgotten your socks.
Or mittens.
Never left you in the dark to scare you.
Never squeezed you into clothes too small.

I have never ignored your cries of hunger.
I have never taken away your favorite toys.
Never not kissed your boo-boos.

And yet, here you are, with a black eye.

I can't protect you from everything, lil' dude. But I try to. And I always will.
When I was in college, I had a sign in my room that said, "May you get a black eye fighting for what you believe in."
May YOU.

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