Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As a Mule

I want you to know we were laughing with you, not at you.
Even though you weren't really laughing.
You were more crying-like, turning red with frustration.

Moments after this sweet photo was snapped, you burst into a fit of rage because you could not fit your body through the dining room chair's opening where your chin rested. Daddy yelled at you to STOP what you were attempting to do for fear your pretty little head would get stuck and we'd have to quickly MacGyver you out.

When he had you safely removed, you threw yourself onto the linoleum and screamed.
And Daddy and I laughed at you.
I'm sorry.
But, wow, you're stubborn.

I went over and picked you up and soothed you until you calmed down and quit flailing. I wiped your tears and told you how strong and determined you are. Then I told you how much like Daddy you are. How when he is trying to build, modify, fix, or install something and it just isn't working out, he gets so mad, I can tell he wants to throw the hammer or level or pack of nails a flyin'.

You're one in the same, my darling stubborn mules.

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