Friday, October 31, 2008

Then & Now

Happy Halloween, Internetz!

Today, I am living vicariously through my daughter. I am so anxious for tonight, to take the lil' dude Trick or Treating. I feel like a kid again, when my parents would force my brother and I to sit through dinner fascists! before we could go Trick or Treating with Dad. How we would come home and dump our orange buckets onto the floor and sort everything into piles. All the pumpkin taffy and Bits O' Honey would go to the parents. Yuck! while we counted out every Snickers and Skittles to see who had more. I was the kinda dorky kid who liked the retired teachers who gave out stickers, notebooks, or pencils. Loved that stuff. We always went to Grandma Pancake's last. She made us special treat bags full of our favorite candy and a $5!

This was the lil' dude and I last year baking cookies. That is powdered sugar adorning my bump. I ate way more than I was able to share with my friends ... all that sugar and food coloring did a body good though, just look how she turned out a mere 365 days later!

Happy Halloween ... go make some memories with the ones you love best.

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