Thursday, October 16, 2008

'Cuz It Is

Life. Is. Good.
Life. Is. Good.

Even though you woke up today covered in pee; in a 60* house and shivered through a hasty bath; even though you have a nasty cold and Mama had to hold your forehead down to pry off the boogs; even though your voice is very tiny and scratchy, even though you couldn't drink out of your sippy cup today without nearly drowning; even though you went to bed late last night and had to be woken up this morning which confused you; even though you were bit between the eyes at daycare yesterday; even though that red mark on the back of your neck Monday night has now been confirmed as yet another bite; even though it was only 32* outside; even though Mama shoved 4 layers on you today including your hat and new mittens you couldn't pull off; even though you sneezed and sniffled the whole car ride in and had copious amounts of green snot running into your hood, towards your ears, and onto your lip; even though your sad, wet eyes said, Mama, we should stay home and take hot bubble baths and wear jammies and maybe have some juice and use the pluggie all day long I dropped you off ...

Life is Good.

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Amanda said...

Bleepin' hard somedays, but good.