Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pour Some Sugar on Me

More pics of the lil' dude eating . . . weird . . . but really, what else do almost-5 month-olds do? The lil' dude gets upset when I take pictures of her reading "The Giving Tree" to the dog or painting Mama's toenails. Some things in her life are private! After she mowed through a giant bowl of rice cereal + squash for dinner last night, we emptied out the pears leftover from breakfast. The starvin'-Marvin whining continued, so I came back to her highchair armed with a fresh container of peaches.

Apparently, and this might border on child abuse, but Gerber's peaches are sour. OMG, look at that face! I was laughing my ass off at my poor little baby. What are you feeding me? Poison??

MAMA, sugar! Add some good-old-fashioned-white-refined sugar to that bowl! That's how you grew up! SUUUUUUUGAR!!

She was like a little soldier at boot camp. "Thank you, Sir, may I have another?" as she winced to get the sour fruit down her throat, she would give a little shiver-shake and open her pink mouth for more. She was like her Mama taking Jag Bombs, gross, nasty, spit-spatter-yuck-yuck . . . OK. One more! Bartender? Look at her dominate!

I finally added a sprinkle of sugy to her bowl of killer peaches. Her eyes started to water . . . she didn't know if she had the strength to go on . . . she fought her battle like a superstar! I will never give up, you damn peaches! I will eat every last spoonful of your sour brigade! I . . . . WILL . . . . PREVAIL.

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