Monday, April 14, 2008

The Bib: The New Black

If you knew me at all, you'd know how much I heart fashion.
When I was blessed with a daughter, things got out of control.
Little Ugg-like boots. Funky onesies. Designer pacifier-lanyards. Leg-warmers. Layering of tees/onesies. Mini sunglasses. Mini skirts with leggings. Dresses over top of pants.
And the list goes on.
I am sure the lady at daycare every morning says, "What on Earth is wrong with your Mother, lil' dude?" as she takes off all the random accessories the lil' dude has arrived with. But, I just cannot help it, I love it too much. A girl, for me. What better fit.

So anyways, after about 2, 2 1/2 months, the lil' dude turned into a puking gremlin. A puking gremlin who drools a lot. So, reluctantly I began to complete any of her outfits with a bib. There is nothing more heartbreaking than the most fierce outfit being covered up by a unremarkable bib. But, practicality prevails because changing a squirming infant 6x a day and doing 17 loads of mini-laundry a week is ridiculous. Enter the bib.

You have your standard, everyday bibs. Find them at Target, or outlet stores, or receive as gifts. Usually reserved for the lil' dude's weekends or as the 4th-bib-of-the-day-SHIT-you-puke-a-lot-episodes.

You have the boyish-variety bibs, the ones Mama bought before your arrival because she knew you were a boy.

You have the ones that proclaim your love for every family member, to keep things even. Still searching for one that boasts, "I love my dog the most because he is the least annoying person in my life."

There are the bibs that the Dad inspired . . .

You can find bibs that are uber-trendsetting. Makes the other littles at daycare super jealous!

There are even expensive name brand bibs. Says the lil' dude to another babe, "Umm, I only barf up my green beans on Ralph Lauren bibs, Calvin Klein will do in an emergency."

And, Mama's most favorite bib of all. The vintage-style one hand-stitched for the lil' dude by her great-grandma, the night before Easter. I didn't know if I should let her wear it, but that same grandma always says, "why save all your good stuff for a special occasion, when each day we have on Earth is a special occasion?" So, bring on the green beans, lil' dude.

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