Friday, April 18, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things . . .

I am an expert on all things Child. That is what happens when you become a mother. This goes beyond a certain brand loyalty. This is an obtained knowledge you cannot help but share with just about everyone you know. It doesn't matter that the lil' dude is only 4 months old. I know everything there is to know . . . about everything! And I love to share what my favorite baby products are.

A fave friend of mine is prego with #1, and due in 6 weeks. Bruce's mama, if you are reading this, you now know what your baby gift is going consist of. I am not sorry for ruining the surprise, either. You will love me for it.

Dreft Laundry Stain Remover- one quick spritz will eliminate having to do insta-laundry to save the article of clothing. Or, if you are the puking gremlin who lives with me, 16 quick spritzes.

Johnson's Soothing Naturals line of baby products- I panicked while pregnant because I have a strong disdain for the baby powder smell, and didn't know how well a newborn's skin could tolerate lotion from Victoria's Secret. Johnson's Soothing Naturals doesn't smell like baby powder, so it's a clear choice. And, their Soothe & Protect Balm is a must for little cheekers, I even stole a swipe or two when I had winter-face. Works wonders!

Carter's Sleep Sacks- I bought two before the lil' dude made her winter arrival, and hurriedly bought 5 more after realizing babies pee in their sleep. A lot. And no amount of Dreft Laundry Stain Remover can get that smell out! I am just sad now my bruiser is busting out of them and they only come in one size. She will have to sleep in a pillowcase I guess.

Bright Baby / Priddy Books- I love books! And photography! And this line of children's books combines the best of both those worlds. The lil' dude got the "Colors" Priddy Book for Easter, and for the color brown, there is a picture of a brown goat. I love the brown goat, and wish they received more lovin' in literature.

MAM Pacifiers- My kid is a pacifier-kid. She had her first experience with one as we rode home from the hospital. Something I will probably regret when she is 4 and takes her pluggie out of her mouth, stands with her hand up on her hip and says, "Mother. Please do not embarrass me by wearing THAT to my playdate." But, MAM nooks are cheap, cute, and wash well after they fall into dust bunny colonies, the toilet, or the dog tries to lick that last little bit of formula-drool off one.

Huggies Disposable Washcloths- Not for the green-friendly, but perfect for the occasional lazy mama, like me! Just add water? It's like making Jell-O or growing Sea Monkeys.

Batteries- Any and every size. C's for the bouncy seat, D's for the swing, AAA's for the baby monitor . . . this reads like a porno somehow. And, this will get even worse as the lil' dude starts getting those annoying toys that move, shake, and sing. I think I'd rather give her a little brother to play with.

Bibs- SIGH. Love 'em and hate at the same time. The bigger and more absorbent they are, the better. Damnit anyway.

A Singing Voice- I think I put one on my registry, but am still waiting for it. I hear it helps babies calm down amidst any stressful situation, but I only add to the Lil' Dude's discomfort when I start in on my rendition of "Mama's Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird."

And, last but not least, as this post's picture suggests:

A Ridiculously Happy and Super Content Baby- I hope everyone can be as lucky as I am!

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