Monday, April 7, 2008

Letter from Mama, v4

Happy 4 months old, Miss Lil' Dude!

I think my favorite thing about you is how well you fit into our family. I love that you are totally easygoing and willing to go with the flow. Last week was busy for our house and we were kinda all over the place. You maintained your easy temperament and proved to us how much we love having you as a daughter. From the beginning of your time, I vowed to keep your life simple. No overstimulation. Strict routines. No drama. Well, things don't always work out that way. You went without a bath for two nights in a row last week. You let me crawl on my knees while carrying you, dragging my green cast behind me, from one room to another when the Dad was gone for the evening. You slept on the living floor at friends' houses. You met about 37 new people in three days. You were kind and sweet and fell back to sleep within a half hour after the Dad and I paper-rock-scissored to see who should get up with you at 7am Saturday morning when we had only been sleeping for three hours. You even seem to really enjoy the endless basketball games streaming on all our TV's at home (don't worry, March Madness ends today!) just like the Dad swears you do. You simply fit in. The dog, forever our spoiled rotten human with a tail, even loves you, all the more when you share your blankets with him.

Becoming a parent, especially yours, lil' dude, has completely fascinated me. I'm fully to the point where I am willing (and determined) to cut a treasured girls' night short to make it home to read to you. I spent two of my birthday gift cards on things for you last week. I will sit on the floor with you and play peek-a-boo for upwards of 45 minutes at a time. I Googled baby boutiques in the city where Mama's annual girls' weekend with your "aunties" is held this spring. I'm pretty obsessed with you. Is it called stalking if you live with the person?

You have a big month coming up! The days are getting longer and sun warmer. We are going to explore the great outdoors. You get to try your hand at eating solid foods. That stack of bright plastic bowls from Ikea you got for Christmas can come out of the packaging now. I'm surprised it didn't take as long as I thought it would. You are going to have more playdates with your littles. You are going to continue to make me compete for the Dad's attention, and I am going to continue to not even miss it because the two of you together tickles me more than anything. You get to finally see an episode of "The Office" this week, which means you'll finally understand half the things the Dad and I say to each other.

Mama loves.


Amanda said...

Mmmm, it's going to be a sweet summer for oyu!

Amanda said...

Oops, you.