Friday, April 4, 2008

Mama, Just One More Hit

The lil' dude has yet to master sitting up. When she lays on her back on the floor or on her changing table, she does "the turtle" and pulls her head and legs up at the same time, making her look like a turtle flipped on its back. I can sense her impatience of such a position as her little face turns red with frustration as she is unable to sit up.
I decided to assemble her Exersaucer a few nights ago to give the lil' dude an outlet for her frustration. The Exersaucer is a giant multi-colored plastic contraption with about 10 different circus animals on it to stimulate baby's senses and keep her entertained while mommy and daddy finish a giant bottle of apple wine.
I managed to complete 15% of the project before the Dad had to come to the rescue and finish the rest of the construction process. I maintain it was easier to go through labor and delivery than assemble this plastic toy, but we prevailed.

The lil' dude laid on the floor beside us in her turtle position and watched us intently.

The minute we settled her into the Exersaucer, it was like a junkie getting his fix.

She spun around and around and drool was flying and her eyes were about to pop out of her head, her hands formed little fists and she pumped them up and down, squealing at a high decibel. The dog took cover behind the couch. She ripped her bib off. She lost a sock. It was magical.

This contraption is like crack cocaine to the lil' dude. And we are beyond delighted.


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