Monday, January 31, 2011


How many times have we grocery shopped together?
How many times have I lost patience with her, when she insists on walking like a big girl? How many times have I hustled her through the store, lost her in Produce, and told her to hurry, hurry up?

More times than I care to admit.
Why the rush? A million reasons. None of which are any good.

And how many times did I tell her no, no time to ride the horse?
Well, I won't ever tell her no again.

Look at that triumphant face. Look at what 120 seconds bought her. Look at what I have been missing.

No more, baby girl. I won't miss this again.
Keep taking your time, and reminding your Mama to slow down. To appreciate you and to make time for life's sweetest things.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aww, look at that happy girl... AND the hat : ) Thanks much, that made me smile, too!
Love to you guys --B--