Friday, January 7, 2011

Seven on Seven

I am trying something new this year ... I wrote a letter to you on the 7th of every month until you turned three. Now, I am going to post seven photos from the month that bear mentioning or inspire me.

You helped Grandma G. make whipped cream at Christmas time ... for her famous triple layer chocolate cream pie. You ran the mixer yourself; always asserting your independence somehow.

You're still a Daddy's girl, through and through. He's the first thing you want when you wake up. You think Daddy hung the moon, and he thinks you're the bees knees, too.

At night, when you're especially tired, you humor your Mama by letting her baby you without much fight. I love those stolen moments.

NaNa remains your very, very best friend in all the land. Have I mentioned how happy I am you are a blanket kid? Warms my heart.

You are increasingly becoming anti camera and photos. Most my shots look like this. Oh well, I am sure you'll grow out of it?

I did the math ... and I think roughly, we read about 1,092 books together in 2010. You, me, books, in your rocker, it's the best part of my day.

Horses! You have gone horse crazy the last month or so. You'll happily play with your farm and animals for hours ... with a Daddy, Mama, and baby horse. Your imagination is unrivaled.

Happy 7 on 7!
Mama loves.

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