Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Now that you are three, I am putting the smack down on promoting your independence and sufficiency.

That means picking up after yourself.
Clearing your dishes.
Taking off your clothes.
Getting dressed.
Drying your hair.
And so on.

But what I've gleaned in the past few weeks is there is a direct correlation to the fact that you were 10 days over your due date, and then still took 31.5 hours to show up.

You, my darling daughter, possess absolutely no sense of urgency.
Everything is done at your pace.
Which is SLOW.

Seriously, in the mornings. I can't even get you to stand on your own two feet to skim out of your pajamas and into your outfit for at least five minutes. Brushing your teeth and going to the bathroom? We need another 10 minutes.


Another 10.

Hats, coats, boots, mittens (defiance), out to the garage, into the car ...

Another 10.

You're quickly seeing why I've done everything for you up to this point. It's much more efficient and timely if we do it my way!

But, that is no way to parent you. I'm not teaching you anything but apathy.
Which, last time I checked, isn't all that good of a trait.

So, each day I am learning and you are learning.
I am trying my damnedest to maintain my patience. Remember my lot in life is to be your mother.
To lead by example and trust we'll figure it out together.

After all, you've always been who you always were ... your own person.
You march to your own drum, and go at your own pace.

And, Mama loves!

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