Friday, January 21, 2011


Our Mac died a slow death these last few weeks, rendering me unable to upload or edit pics. I feel like my arms have been cut off. In the meanwhile, I am capturing the lil' dude and her moments with my phone. I should be back in business, and better than ever, shortly!

The lil' dude loves to play "house" under the dining room table, and lately, she's been pretending it's Grandma G's house. Imagine her delight when Papa came to visit this week ... and she promptly directed him to his own house!

Papa didn't even hesitate to crawl under the table. Now, that is love. It reminded me of my own Grandpa R., and how he always conceded my wishes. He used to let me comb his hair in all sorts of crazy ways, which was a leap for him. He was a man about order, and he always wore his hair slicked straight back. I love those little memories of him.

Just like the lil' dude will have of her own Grandpas.

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