Monday, November 22, 2010


It's the time of year when Mama's brain starts working overtime thinking of all the holiday and birthday love to organize and prepare. It's easy to say from Thanksgiving week through Christmas, I will not fully sleep at night, as I prepare for the madness and wonderfulness that is this time of year!

I am most excited about my little helper this year, who actually possesses the desire and ability to help her crazy Mama with projects. We started last night by hand-making Christmas labels. I had been saving all my Starbucks sleeves to repurpose into gift tags. They turned out adorable ... great coffee + recycling = holiday happiness!

But what turned out better, was the experience I had with my daughter by my side.
My daughter who keeps asking if TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY YET?
So yeah, it appears I passed on my crazy celebration gene ... just a little!

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