Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Man & the Garbage

We've never let you bring your NaNa to daycare, and as you grew bigger and bigger, this was something you just accepted. You could bring it with you on the way in, but once we reached the driveway, you would bury your face in your pink blanket and give the biggest inhale ever, as if its scent would carry you through the day until you could be reunited.

It didn't take you long to adopt a blanket at daycare that acted like your pseudo-NaNa. Pink in color and emblazoned with Dora, your Daycare NaNa did its trick to comfort, pacify, and occupy you.

One day last week, you told Daddy your Dora NaNa was missing. That a man put it in the garbage. He didn't put a lot of stock into your story, because let's be honest, your imagination is epic. As the week wore on, we learned Dora was in fact missing, and you were insistent it was gone.

A few days later, I received an email from your beloved Daycare Lady with this photo, and this note:

"I found it!!!!!
And it was not in the garbage. And the lil' dude sure knows she is loved because I ripped the house apart the last three days looking for it. With her on my tail."

And all is right with the world again!

Thanks Daycare Lady ... you're our super heroine in a pink cape and mask!

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