Thursday, November 25, 2010

What You Have

Happy Thanksgiving, village. I hope your days are spent with your favorite people, doing your favorite things.

This year ... the lil' dude is thankful for: (these are true answers)
- eyeballs
- the Beagle
- Daddy
- Mama
- all grandparents
- NaNa
- and, all her littles & besties

Mama is thankful for:
- her besties
- their wine
- scarves
- old recipes
- free time
- spending the holidays with her favorite 79-year old, ever. Grandma!
- her healthy little family

The Dad is thankful for: (again, true answers)
- his family
- health
- the 316 (house/life)
- jobs
- his daughter being a Timberwolves & 'Cuse fan, who can identify players
- friends
- getting the Christmas lights on the house before the ice & snow arrived

And, the Beagle is thankful for:
- long weekends
- the lil' dude's dropsies on the kitchen floor
- his bed
- his doghouse
- leftovers
- the woods
- pig ears

To our family from yours- happy grateful to be day!

"Appreciate what you have." ~ Warren Brokering

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