Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dry It

You've added a new request to your bedtime routine now. You demand your hair be dried before getting tucked in.
One morning you woke up, and told Daddy you didn't like it when your pillow got wet.

I don't blame you one bit! No one likes a soggy bed.

In the less-than-five minutes it takes to dry your new 'do, you and I sure do have a blast. You sing and scrunch your face into weird contortions in the mirror and whip your head around dramatically. I know I'll remember this forever, you on the sink in your favorite pajamas, holding a stuffed pal and singing your ABC's at full throttle. The feel and scent of your clean, slippery hair, and your pink cheeks and neck, flushed from the dryer's heat.

And on the nights I can't tuck you in, Daddy is there in my place, doing his thing for his best girl.
The thought of that kills me dead, right there.

I can't think of anything sweeter!

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