Friday, July 9, 2010


The first few nights of your life, you slept like the average newborn does: not so much.
On the fifth night ... on the fifth night you slept like the average college student does: all the time.

Coupled with good genes and the ultimate sleeping ensemble, you were dressed in a onesie, sleeping gown, fuzzy sleep sack, socks up to your knees, mittens, a hat, and two swaddling blankets. Back then, you craved the heat. The hotter, the better. When you'd fall asleep on Daddy's chest and snooze for hours, both of you would end up drenched; the hair on the back of your head sopping wet with sweet little baby sweat.

You're warm-blooded, to say the least.

Even now, with the AC on, a fan blowing on you, a thin sheet covering you, and summer pj's on, you fall asleep and you're sweaty within minutes. When I wake you one last time to go potty at night, I cautiously do the hand creep under your covers to see if you've had an accident ... you haven't.

You're just lying in a pile of your own sweat!

But don't worry, it's like Lou Holtz said, 'no one has ever drowned in sweat'.

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