Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can't Forget

I use this blog as vehicle for memories to always make their way back to me. I should then not forget to highlight two of the biggest things the lil' dude has accomplished/undertaken/inherited/began this summer.

She now says, huh? after every single thing we say to her, or ask of her. Even when she has clearly heard us the first time. This has forced me to train myself to not repeat myself, but to give her 10 seconds to respond. This particular act immediately brings me back to my childhood/teen years as I dealt with my little brother who was notorious for saying, huh? after I told him or asked him something. Why'd you say what if you heard me? How did you answer me if you didn't hear me? I remember those conversations well.

And secondly, my daughter has learned how to pick her nose. The first few weeks so was so cavalier with it. By now, the appeal of of boogers is gently wearing off, but STILL. I think I've trained her enough to ask for a Kleenex and some privacy to deal with what she needs to deal with, but STILL. Stages are stages and toddlers are toddlers, but I sure hoped she'd skip this one.

I joked there for awhile that her new skills ... saying huh? 894 times a day AND picking her nose made her a huge hit at parties!

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