Friday, July 30, 2010

The Big Question

The lil' dude and I read this book together this week after she picked it out from the library.


It instantly became my favorite children's book ever. Which is saying a lot.

The book, by French author Wolf Erlbruch, answers the unasked question by offering pages of sweet, simple illustrations of different perspectives of life. The forward reads:

The cat, the baker, and grandma
A sailor, a stone, a duck,
Others later, and at the end of the book, 
All give their answers
To the big question.
But who is asking?
A child, more than likely.
Growing up,
Each of us
Will find new answers.

So when, if ever, I get the question from my daughter, Mama, why am I here? I can tell her without hesitation.

Your brother says: "You're here on earth to celebrate your birthday, of course."

"Well, you came into the world to purr. And a little for the mice, too," says the cat.

The pilot says: "You're here to kiss the clouds."

And grandmamma: "Why, it's clear as day, so that I can spoil you."

The bird: "To sing your song."

The enormous man: "To eat well. That's why."

The number three: "So that one day you'll be able to count to three."

The soldier: "You are here to obey."

The dog: "I believe we're here on earth in order to bark. And sometimes also to howl at the moon."

The sailor: "To sail the seven seas."

Death: "You are here to love life."

The stone: "You're here simply to be here."

Daddy: "You're here because your mother and I love one another."

The gardener: "So that you learn patience."

The blind man: "To trust."

The baker: "You're here to get up early in the morning."

The duck: "I don't have the foggiest idea."

Your sister says: "And you're also here to love yourself."

The rabbit: "You're here to be caressed."

The boxer: "To step into the ring."

And mommy: "You're here because I love you."

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Rachel said...

Wow, I need that book. I teared up. Thanks friend!