Friday, July 23, 2010

The Good Things

You're on day five of your second vacation of the summer, lil' dude. This time, you've spent the week in Daddy's hometown with Grandpa T. and Grandma S. The reports from Camp Grandma have been nothing but good, and they make me jealous to hear all the fun you're having. Trips to the park, swimming at the pool where Daddy life-guarded, forts in the dining room, ice cream before bed, playing with your cousins and buddies, visiting your great-aunties, McDonald lunches, and most importantly, love, love, love.

Family means everything to us, and we're so grateful to have the people in our lives love you as much as we do. You make so many people proud- in how polite you are, how big your vocabulary is, how you're totally unafraid of sleeping in big beds.

It's simple. Flowers just grow best in the brightest sun and richest soil.

I hear you're going to the zoo today- it's the same zoo me and your Uncle W. grew up going to. I told Grandma S. this morning feeding the seals was always my favorite part.

She said she'll make sure you feed the seals.

Have fun, little girl.

Mama loves ... see you in two days!

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