Monday, November 2, 2009

The Tail of Two Interpretations

This is the lil' dude, aka Bumblebee, going up to her first house for Trick or Treat!
And ... the fella who answered the door called her a butterfly.

And it happened again.

And she was called a fairy once too ...

I mean, come on! She had a stinger!
Down by her tushie!

Lil' dude- your costume was misinterpreted. How does that make you feel?Sorta like this, Mom. I can't smile about it yet.


We had a great Halloween at the lil' dude's house.
We slept in- some until nearly 10am.
We had orange pumpkin pancakes.
We carved our first pumpkin as a family; the smell of pumpkin guts brought back all sorts of nostalgia for the Dad and I.
A Happy Meal for lunch.
A 3-hour nap.
A no-dinner dinner, the lil' dude was too distracted and excited to eat.
And massive amounts of spoiling, candy, and laughs all night long.
Yesterday was a sugar hangover if I've ever seen one.
It was hilarious.
She was on high-speed from sunup to sundown.
There was no rest for this little bumblebee.
Which is just as it should be!

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