Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daddy's Girl

One of the aunties asked me last week if the lil' dude is a daddy's girl or a mama's girl.
I told her it varied. The math usually sits at 60% / 40% depending on all sorts of factors.

Truly though, the lil' dude is happiest when her Daddy, Mama, and Beagle are all accounted for. It's the first thing she does when she wakes up, taking attendance of the house's inhabitants.
It's the first thing she does when she gets home.
At the dinner table.
And as she doles out kisses at bedtime.
She needs all three of us.

But some days, she needs someone more than the other. Last night she only wanted the Dad to feed her dinner.
{sometimes, a girl is just too tired or too over spoon-feeding herself!}

When she requesting a bedtime snack, she only would let Daddy feed her the applesauce too.
She cried her sweet little face off when Mama attempted.

But she got both of us to read to her at bedtime.
It was the same exact book.
We each make it different, yet special, for her.
She knows that!

So yeah. Some days she's a Daddy's girl, and some days she a Mama's girl.
We're always anxiously waiting our turns!

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