Saturday, November 7, 2009

Letter from Mama, v23

This is it big girl! Your last month of being 1.
Me? I am ready to celebrate you- are you kidding? I've been planning your birthday party since last December.
{Wink, wink}

Here we are in sweet November- time to celebrate and remember many sweet things. Our home's anniversary, Daddy's and my wedding anniversary, the anniversary of your due date. The anniversary of our sweet Grandpa R.'s passing- one year ago today. I wanted to mention that because it's OK to talk about it and him. We miss him, and he was very important to our family. You won't remember him ... but you will. I'll help you and after all, I am from him, just as you are from him- he started this family and we'll always celebrate that.

I want to capture some of your baby memories while I still have the chance- so here is your list.

Wake up at 7:30am during the week, 9ish on weekends
{try to go} Potty, brush teeth, get dressed, do hair
Have juice and breakfast snack in green chair watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Go to daycare
Nap for 3hrs in early afternoon
5pm home
Snack and Scooby Doo show
Playtime! Watch games with Daddy, read with Mama, help make crafts or projects, watch movies, walk the Beagle, {try to go} potty
Bath, teeth, hair, read, rock, bed at 8pm

Favorite Show- Scooby Doo
Favorite Color- Green
Favorite Food- Fruit
Least Favorite Food- colored Goldfish crackers
Favorite Beverage- Apple Juice-Water
Least Favorite Beverage- Chocolate Milk
Favorite Lovey- NaNa, your pink blanket
Favorite Hobby- Reading
Favorite Book- Mommy Doesn't Know My Name
Favorite Movie- Madagascar
Favorite Toy(s)- Scooby Doo action figures
Favorite Game- Throwing Lil' Dude High in the Air
Favorite Thing- watching for buses, trucks, and cops
Least Favorite Thing- walking over dead worms on the driveway/being woken up

Size 5 diaper
Size 6 shoes
Size 24mo./2T clothes
Love hats, shoes, sunglasses

You think everything is green
You can count to 4, then from 7-10
You are amazing at recognizing animals (vulture, jellyfish, yak)
You love to put things back. When I tried to undecorate for Halloween, it took me twice as long because you kept putting things back
You can let the dog in and out through the sliding door
You list every one's name at daycare on the ride in
You can take off your own pajamas in bed and throw them right on the floor

Loving you is cherry pie, lil' dude. I'm so proud to be your mama. You're my wish come true!

Mama loves.

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