Thursday, November 12, 2009


Happy four years to Team YOU & ME today!

In the month after we married, I watched you build the tile floor in the bathroom. Something you had never done before, you did your research and tried your hardest. That moment, watching that project, I knew I had married the absolute right person for me.
I watched you build a floor, now I watch you build a family. Our daughter is the greatest gift I've ever received, our team's proudest accomplishment.

You have an odd way of parking in parking lots.
You leave a pile of candy/snack wrappers on the counter in a tidy pile until you're ready to throw them all away at one time.
You unwrap a cupcake or muffin and leave those wrappers in the container.
You own about 40 stocking hats. Today, it's cold and windy and you didn't wear one because none matched your sweater.
You think, and believe, that all of your socks are either left, or rights.
You bought me the exact same anniversary card for three years in a row now. You're mad at Hallmark for that.

You're superstitious.
You're incredibly handsome.
You're sentimental, and sweet.
You're sarcastic and love inappropriate humor.

And you're all mine.
I love you to the moon.


Jessica aka Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary!! You two sound perfect for each other!!

Anonymous said...

Cute blog today. You two are so are sweet together. Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

PS- that last posting was from Boges!

Little Dude's Mama said...

Thanks, all!