Friday, September 18, 2009

My Remembers

I love when you ...

Say bye-bye to everything.
And I mean everything.
"Bye-bye truck, bus, books (library), plane, juice, bath, toothbrush."

Say, "sun in my eyes," each morning when we drive to daycare, and turn by the bank so we're heading due east.

Request to give Eskimo Kisses to the Beagle as part of your bedtime routine.

See police cars and say "COPS!"

Get so excited when you find a stray snack left in your carseat.
Soggy Teddy Graham? Sticky fruit snack? You don't care. You devour it happily.

Say your colors; pink, buue, RED, geen, lellow.

Line things up so exact, I remind your father you have his bits of (delightfully sweet) OCD.

Feed me whatever you're having. "Mama, bite?"

Act sweetly to other children.

Want to hand the cashier the money, saying "thank you" when you get the change.

Let old ladies in cardigans fawn all over you as you sit in the cart, politely.

Get a little bit scared when watching the scary parts of Scooby-Do.

Can't start your day until you brush your teeth, just like Mama.

Drop everything to shake your booty to music.

Run, full speed, into my arms for a big one!

Mama loves all my remembers.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

We have to read Scooby Doo books here ALL the time because a little girl requests it all the time!