Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cupcake Saturday

Because sometimes, it takes a container full of pink sprinkles on a kitchen floor to make me smile.

It reminds me that laughter trumps smudges on windows every time.
That pant-legs dragging in the dirt mean my little girl was outside ... her favorite place.
That finding a sippy cup with spoilt milk in the backseat means we were on an adventure, someplace together.

That ponytails which don't stay in means she's had the wind whipping through her hair.
That a once again demolished bookshelf means she was reading to herself, making my heart smile.
That a bathroom floor full of water means she was washing away a hard day's dirt, grime, and love.

That crusty booster seats and kitchen tables mean we were getting our bellies full and eating as a family.
That crayon on the linoleum means she was expressing herself freely.
That a house is only as dirty as a life is full.

And that makes me smile.


BethanyAdele said...

I love this post! It's truly wonderful, parenthood! Thank you for reminding me not to worry about the smudges on the window and to be certain to have a cupcake party with my little girl when we get settled in to our new home!

K.A.H said...

I want a cupcake