Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recovery Day

You woke up per usual this morning.
8:30am, singing your sunshine songs, and talking to your crib pals.
Hollerin' for Mama.
For milk.
But by 1pm you had had enough.
You turned today into a recovery day.
Which makes sense given the fact we were on vacation for a week, then this last week presented itself for what it was and it was a whirlwind.
You simply needed to recharge your batteries.
So you napped for 4.5 hours- all Sunday afternoon.

And looked in on you constantly ... because, lil' dude. Seriously.
And one time I peeked my head in your room, I spied you sleeping on your back, with your arms up by your ears.
It reminded me of this:

And so your recovery day inspired me to do something.
I sat down and began my pregnancy scrapbook.
And I finished it.
All 24 pages.

You'd think now being you have 12+ teeth and are speaking in sentences and running the DVD player I would have forgotten my story- our story. But I never have, not for one minute.

And I can't wait to show you my story- our story someday.
I hope you like it.
Especially the page with the eviction notice I wrote when you stretched yourself out and got comfy 10 days past your due date.

Oh lil' dude, I love our story.

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