Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If I Was

I missed the lil' dude's bedtime routine last night.
Always anxious for a play-by-play of every minute of her life, I asked the Dad for an update.

He told me how they both laid on the floor watching Toy Story, how he extended her bedtime by 30 minutes since she was so content. He rationalized skipping story time made up the difference. He put a happy girl to bed.

He then asked me, "If you were the lil' dude's mom, where would you put her detangling spray and comb?"

I laughed- I knew he was making fun of me. I am very meticulous when it comes to where things go, and where things belong. It's habit I can't break. If you took inventory of the bins and shelves in the lil' dude's closet, you would see I have her Little People animals arranged separately: Ark, Zoo, Farm. I just can't have chaos like zebras residing next to chickens and Noah. I just can't.

I told him the spray is on her turtle bath toys shelf hanging on the shower wall. He looked at me funny.
Yes, it has a shelf on the top for shampoos and soaps, I explained. The comb is in the top drawer of the her changing table, by the butt cream and nasal aspirator.

Well, that's where it BELONGS, anyways.

The comb is definitely missing.

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Rachel said...

Woman after my own heart. Organization is the key to happiness.