Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Last night, Daddy and Mama went on a date.
It was an important date, as we went to our first concert together.
I know, I know. We've been a couple for over six years, but had yet been to a concert together.
I joke it's because he has poor taste in music.
He jokes it's because I have poor taste in music.
I don't. Clearly. You love my music, lil' dude!

We went to the state zoo, and saw Paolo Nutini perform at the amphitheater.

We walked past the monkey's houses, walked past the grizzly bear exhibit. Deep, deep into the woods we walked, hand in hand, giggling about taking you to that very same zoo a year before. And then, the music began.

Paolo Nutini's first album was released in 2006, and somehow I stumbled onto it. And, somehow I managed to get Daddy a-listenin' and we both fell in love with his Scottish rogue and lyrics. Imagine that! Mama and Daddy liking the same music, the same album.

Last night, as he took the mic, he made no preamble. He began to sing, dedicating his song High Hopes "to the giraffes." I melted a little.

My hopes are high,
but my eyes
can't believe
what they see,
give me something to
believe in, give me
something to
believe in.

*A special thank you to your Auntie B. for giving us the opportunity to cross go to a concert we both like off the bucket list. And, to neighbor E., your babysitter. You know, the one you holler to from your bedroom window when you hear her voice laughing from her deck or in the pool.

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