Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things That Go PLAY In The Night

Last night as I was dead asleep, I heard music start to play. I smashed my alarm clock thinking it was time to get up already.
The music didn't stop.
I opened my eyes a little more. The clock said 11:55pm. It was not my alarm clock.
I listened for a few more seconds, recognizing the song.

"Hey, the Dad, Wake up. Can you hear that? The lil' dude's CD player just started playing."
Sure enough, the song playing was number one on her Green Day lullaby album, and I could hear it on the baby monitor.
The Dad is starting to wake up. "What the Hell?"

He bolts upright in bed, grabs his glasses off the night stand and goes into the hallway. He flips on the bathroom light and goes into her room. The music stops. I can still hear the lil' dude's sleep machine playing Waterfall through the monitor. I don't even hear the lil' dude's body make a rustle in her bedding. He turns out the lights, and I am already falling back asleep.

Moments later, he bolts upright again. My eyes fly wide open. "What?" I ask him.
"I cannot believe you are freaking sleeping," he says as he leaves the room again. "I heard her make a noise."
He goes back to check on the lil' dude, turning on lights as I prop myself up. I shouldn't be sleeping?

He comes back to bed. I ask him what's wrong.
"Well, don't you think it's a little weird, the CD playing and all?"
I answer him, "Of course, but what can we do about it? She must have turned the machine on when she was playing before her bath." The Dad rolls over to face the wall. He says, "So, 4 hours ago and it just starts playing randomly now? I just think it's weird."

If there are monsters or ghosts or spirits or intruders in the house, and all they want to do is play some music for the sleeping baby, they can go right ahead.

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