Friday, September 12, 2008


She said it.
Over and over again in a strong, clear voice.
She looked at me as she started . . . MamaMamaMamaMamaMamaMamaMama.

"She's just blabbering," The Dad says.
No, she's not. Not this time.
MamaMamaMamaMamaMama . . .

He's shaking his head. She's saying Mama. I wrote it on the calendar. She did it two separate times yesterday. Honestly, I thought it a fluke in the morning as I was dressing her. There was no mistaking it at dinner time.

"Lil' dude, say Mama," I whispered.
MamaMamaMamaMamaMama . . .
Oh, my heart.

1 comment:

matti's baby's mama said...

Oh.... I bet Ty was crushed!!!!!! This will only add to his denial that she looks anything like you vs. him.
I love it!