Friday, September 5, 2008

Mommy Email=Mommy Blog

Below is a real-live email from my Mama friend E. She did two things: Had a baby almost 4 months ago, and went to HH for the first time as a Mama this week. Her email made my insta-blog.

To: Friends
From: E
Date: 9/4/08
Subject: RE: Morning

Ok, I took a nap and I am feeling a bit better.

Next on my agenda is tater tots, chicken nuggets, cheese sticks and Texas Toast. All of them sounded good so I am making them all. That's not weird is it??

Since this is my first hangover since AJ I thought of the following comparison-

Hangovers are like labor:
It is fun to drink beer and have sex, but you don't quite think of the consequences while doing it.
And both of them suck so bad, but you forget and want to do it again.


Sara said...

Okay I know I'm out of the loop for asking but what is HH?
Sara (Ab's sis)

Little Dude's Mama said...

Happy Hour . . . or in our case, Hours.