Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vintage Lil' Dude IV

It was an outfit that sealed the lil' dude's fate.

The Dad is an avid CRAZY fan of Syracuse Basketball. Go Orange! is heard grunted around our house all the time. The grunting gets particularly bad during March Madness. Very loud grunting.

Anyways, the Dad was perusing the Internet last fall looking for an Orange outfit for the babe in my belly. He must have checked eBay everyday of my entire pregnancy. He finally settled on the one, ordered direct from the college's famous mascot shop, and ordered it up. It was a tiny Nike onesie, bib, and booties all in the school's true orange and navy colors. Grunt, grunt! He ordered it in the size the baby would likely fit in during March Madness.

A few weeks go by, and I finally remember to ask the Dad about the outfit, for he had not shown it to me. "Is it back ordered?" I asked.
A weird look came over his face. "No, it came," he said super quiet.
"Can I see it?" I asked.
He hesitated. "I didn't want to show you . . . 'cuz it's not right."
I was confused. Did the outfit have three arm holes, or what? Why would he not be excited about his tiny treasure?

He disappeared to his secret hiding spot (where he hides all my Christmas and event gifts) and returned with it wrapped tightly in its shipping bag.
As I pulled open the top of the bag, I saw PINK everywhere in the bag! My heart melted a little! Pink!
The Dad said, "they sent me the wrong outfit. This one is for a GIRL! It's not orange and navy!"

"So what?" I asked. "Send it back. Exchange it. You have plenty of time."
The Dad looked at me solemnly. His voice was a far away. "No. This just jinxed it. We are now having a girl. It's a done deal. It's going to be a girl." He was dead serious! He told me he had called the mascot shop and they told him they simply made a shipping error. Told him to send it back. But, the Dad decided to wait to see if he would need a pink outfit, if the lil' dude was going to be born a girl.

He was right! And . . . Syracuse never even made the tournament this year.
SHE, the baby GIRL, still wore her Orange! outfit though.

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